The Referend 2nd Anniversary
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The Referend 2nd Anniversary

The Referend is celebrating 2 years of openness December 1. Join us to celebrate with special drafts, casks, and bottles. Details to follow.

Special on-site casks & drafts, to include:
-A Novel of Thank You 2018
(a blend of 2018 vintage grape projects)
-Berliner Messe: Gloria Grand Cru
(aged six to twenty-seven months, dry-hopped several times)
-Cheap Songs I: The Cobbler
(refermented with NJ blueberries and peaches, conditioned on cinnamon & vanilla)
-The Recognitions
(a blend of young and old golden ales aged in cognac puncheons)
-The Song of the Earth - Black Trumpet
(1.5-year-old golden ale conditioned on local NJ black trumpet mushrooms)
(young golden ale aged in a single absinthe barrel)
-Globe Theatre: Cabernet Franc 2017
(golden ale refermented with NJ Cab Franc grapes)
-Apricot Altar
(a blend of young and old golden ales refermented with local apricots)

Our favorite past bottlings, poured by the glass in the old tasting room (A Room with a View)
(This bar will be cash only, but tickets for bottle pours will be available at our other registers)

Complimentary complementary madeleines, baked for us by Lovin' Oven of Frenchtown, NJ

Six new 375ml bottlings, all built upon our spontaneously fermented golden base beer, available to-go:
-The Recognitions
(aged in cognac puncheons)
-de Daumier-Smith
(refermented with NJ blueberries & red-juiced peaches)
-Apricot Altar
(refermented with local apricots)
-Avond; de rode boom
(conditioned on local rhubarb)
-Le mur (rum)
(refermented with NJ blackberries in a rum barrel)
-Tender Is the Night
(refermented with NJ black raspberries)

In the event that you can't make it out on Saturday, we'll be pouring Berliner Messe mimosas (Mimesses?) alongside any festive remainders in Sunday's afterglow.

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The Referend 1st Anniversary
2:00 PM14:00

The Referend 1st Anniversary

The Referend is celebrating one year of openness with new beers and old beers, young beers and old beers, new friends and old friends, young friends and old friends.

In gratitude for all the support we've received this first year, we are working toward creating an event to be involuntarily remembered for years to come.

Featured On-site Bier:

  • Liber Novus
  • 2016 Berliner Messe: Alleluiavers
  • The Blue Book
  • More to come...

Featured Bier To-go:

  • Wittgenstein (75cl)
  • Wittgenstein Magnums (1.5L)
  • Ice-nine (375ml)


  • Madeleines baked for us by The Lovin' Oven in Frenchtown
  • Farm-to-Table local, seasonal food from Mama Dude's
  • Celebratory "1er" Anniversary glassware (limited)


Alleluiavers 2016
In celebration, we'll be tapping our last remaining cask of Berliner Messe: Alleluiavers (2016), which has been peacefully conditioning for the past 53 weeks. Only another couple weeks to go!

The Blue Book
We began with a puncheon of Wittgenstein, our spontaneously fermented witbier brewed with local NJ trifoliate oranges and conditioned on local organic chamomile flowers, then added 500 pounds of fresh, whole blueberries from the self-proclaimed Blueberry Capital of the World, Hammonton, NJ.
At 455g/L of fruit, this is one of the more highly fruited beers we've produced. With a great deal of volume displaced by the blueberries themselves, there is an extremely limited amount of The Blue Book. It will be debuting on draft Dec. 2!


Liber Novus 2017
One withheld cask of Liber Novus remains from this summer's harvest of all-NJ raspberries and handpicked dark-juiced sour cherries. Come enjoy it with us on Saturday!

Wittgenstein Magnums and 1er Anniversary Glass
Checking in on our Wittgenstein magnums while testing out the 1er Anniversary glass. Good news: the beer tastes great; the glass holds liquid. Both will be available (albeit in limited quantities) on Saturday!

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